Hmong (Meo) Hill Tribe


They are divided into two groups as White and Blue ,settled in Western highlands of China. They migrated to Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.

Hmong live in Thailand.

Their homes are placed on the ground without poles on the contrary to other tribes.

Even though they make their living by growing opium, they have been looking for bazaar about embroidery.

Hmong females design their traditional clothes by using cotton and cannabis. Their clothes are ornamented with embroidery and silver trappings.

Women of Blue Hmong wear pleatted skirts on which red,blue,white ceritte and detailed embroidery.

There are yellow/orange handy works on their black sateen jackets. White Hmong women wear black loose pants blue wide and long belts.

Their jackets are cuffed and plain. Hmong are Shaman and they believe the spirits in nature.

Translated by Easy Speak School Of English-Kocaeli