Long Neck Karen Tribe


Karens, who ran away from military regime in Myanmar, refuge the mountain village in North Thaland. This tribe Padaung troupe of Karen tribe who live in Mianmar and Thaland.

Also, lots of tribe whose origin is Mianmar live in three. Akha, Lahu, Lisu , Mien, Hmong, Karen tribes are the ones who have the most population.

Women of tribe are placed as long necked or giraffe necked women in litterateur. There are some reasons of women’s wearing necklace. According to the tour guide:

1-    To look alike the female dragon which they accept as their ancestor.

2-    To protect their weak parts such as neck from fatal blow of predators.

3-    To look beautiful as a woman and a willing to have a social status in the tribe.

Their necklaces are the beginning of a way which can’t be returned. In time, cowl muscles become weak and if the necklaces is taken off, that causes the break of neck. A fatal danger or becoming bedfast is possible in their destiny.

Contrary to popular belief , the neck doesn’t get longer. Necklaces press chest through collarbone.

You can meet these beautiful women in mountain villages such as Meo, Akhave Karen by daily tours from Chiang Mai city in North of Thailand.

Translated by  Easy Speak School Of English-Kocaeli