Benna Tribe

Benna Tribe

The distinguishing feature of tribe is that women wear clothes, skirts made of kid. On the other hand, both men and women wear

very colorful necklaces and lip rings.

General livelihoods are agriculture and bovine breeding.

Missionaries are doing numious things around there. They think that they are trying to design tribes, to give comfort, suggestion.

They are trying to attract them into their own ranks. Missionaries have started to do this job by covering the nakedness of women.

They are handing out free t-shirts. I don’t know if it is true or not that to design them or to touch their culture which is about to lost,

to change lifestyles of these people who have animist belief. However, it is not nice to see that they have been losing their lands,

lives or lifestyles. I’m afraid that it can be possible to see them only in a photo a few years later.

Translated by Easy Speak School Of English-Kocaeli