Konso Tribe



In the den or pleated skirts, colorful and pretty good.

South-Central Ethiopia highlands living behind the cons, one of Ethiopia's major tribes with the populations of 250,000 people.

Teraslandırıp by placing stones and hilly villages of the Qur'an as well as sorghum (Sorghum, can reach up to 3 meters for cereal family fodder. Heat and drought-resistant plants does not distinguish whether the soil. Resistant to saline and alkaline land. the making of flour used to make the beer drinks both local.)

Egypt, cotton, and coffee breeding behind the cons, according to Ethiopia, a very advanced taraçalama and irrigation systems developed.

As with all African tribes, polygamy is common. A male 3-4 match with you into marrying them.

Unlike other tribes living in the villages, the elderly crowd of 1500 persons behind the cons run by the Council.

The young men from the villages, puberty, and also killed many animals and enemies who died heroically for the elderly by making wooden carved statues, called ' she ' Waga ask me to do in commemoration of the planting.

Today, a wooden carved sculptures made from State-of-the-art treatment..

Located between northern Ethiopia and the Omo Valley locations as a tool for trade between the two regions, with an important role. For this reason, more than the other tribes goes on.

Translated by  Easy Speak School Of English-Kocaeli