Time and calendar are idiocratic in Ethiopia. The hour that sun rises is the first hour of the day and the hour that sun set is the last hour of the day.

The day is divided into to parts and each two parts 12 hours. For that reason if you have date, you should be careful about the time that you promise.

Another thing is in Ethiopia, they use the Julien Calendar and it has 13 months. In Ethiopia,

a year has 12 months which have 30 days and 1 more month which has 5 or 6 days.

Using of Julien Calendar has started 7 years 113 days after the birth of Christ, so Ethiopians start New Year on 11th of

September and they live in the year 2004 now. And they celebrate new year on 7th of January every year.

Translated by Easy Speak School Of English-Kocaeli