Mursi Tribe




Their most important and the most distinctve characteristic is, they wear plates in their libs.Mursi women, when they are at 15­16 years old, cut their lower libs from chin sideband extend them by pulling for flexibility, and they put plate to this space.Prograsively, women change these plates by bigger ones.At the time for marriage, these plates are measured.Up to wideness of plates, women's side require moor cattle from men's side.

Another striking point for Mursi Tribe from 7 to 70, all men have Kalashnikov guns.

Such as art masterpiece on young girls bodies, by herself they split the skin by razor or by rose thorn, after lift the skin then put ashes on injuries and cover there.In this way they prevent these incises to infect and swell.

All these process for beauty and having a social statue in tribe, only condition is girl should not cry.

We had some difficulties when shooting photos about their aggressive manners.We paid lots of money. 2 "Bırr" (Ehtiopia's currency) from each of us for photos.Tribe members turned the reason to opportunity.They charged us for every flash sound; they did not care your measurement wrong or right.It is paid 1 Bırr for every child. So, they rushed taking their children on their laps. For then many children can be seen in photos..

After taking photos, never argue for money, what she request, you pay…!