After the last  Prophet Mohammed (s.a.v-God's salute on Himself),  Caferis followed the people who were mainly from Prophet's family as their leader. Caferis comprise of these people mutually at this school.In their doctrine, 12 Imams (begins with Imam Ali) are rescuers and guides for true  way of humanity.


This school is mostly known as Aleviness and Shi'ism in our Turkey; but in some countries which have been sharing same belief and intensively beloved people living in this region like Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Bahraini, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India they became famous as Shi'ism and Caferis by names.Population of Azeri origin Caferis in our country, who live in different areas, is estimated over three millions of people.


Caferis in our country, come up with their Universal Sorrow Ceremony on the 10th of Muharram, annually.Hundreds of thousands people from several parts of our country take part to this ceremony with the same sensations.



Translated by Güneşper Işıksu