Bume Tribe


The only entrance to tribe is Kangatan placed across shore. That across shore is quite crowded.

Ethiopians who are waiting for crossing the shore in our side. People can across by boat look like a wooden carved canoe.

Because of the rising Omo Valley, old bridges were destroyed. So, they haven’t built a new bridge.

One of the differential feature of Bume tribe is that women wear smart skirts made of kid.

Men scratch on their bodies in the number of people or animal they killed. On the other hand both man

women wear colorful necklace with beads, metal straps and lip rings.

General livelihood styles are agriculture and bovine breeding.

As we have seen in every village, there are people who provides securing of the village with Kalashnikov.

It is hard to find the path of these people but gun dealers have already reached there .To and behold!

Translated by Easy Speak School Of English-Kocaeli