Hamer Tribe


Hamer Tribe

The most remarkable of Hamer and Banna women and men’s cooper-colored ,fancy hair. Women put clay, water and butter on their hair and solidfy it. They put beads on their hair. Also Hamer men do the same thing to their hair and wear their hair in a bun. If their hair in an argil bun that means they’ve killed a wild animal in the last one year. If they have a feather on their hair that means they are ready to marry, they are trying to get attention.

At the same time you can understand if a woman is married or not by looking her necklace. If she wears a copper necklace that means she is married.

One of the essential accessories of men is a neck rest which they sit on it and put it under their head when they’re sleeping.

Since there are lots of guns in every tribe, many gunfights occure and that causes the death of a big number of people.

During our trip, we couldn’t go to one village because of a sudden gunfight between two tribes.

Translated by  Easy Speak School Of English-Kocaeli